Your 'app' is fabulous, but is it generating income?

We don't just develop everyday solutions.

For app development agencies, writing an app is nothing more than producing replicas of already published apps. Sadly, but true, most of the apps are done without putting heart and soul in the task. Zero understanding of the client's vision results in an inability to predict the future of the app. This further leads to a complete investment disaster.

Sadly, but 8 out of 10 apps die unnoticed because they are not done with logical reasoning and brainstorming. No market research, no SWOT analysis, no user-personas, and no planned solution. And, when things get complicated, they give up or ask for more billable hours.

At this stage, you are left with two options; one is giving up on the idea and the other is to keep paying for the bug resolution.

Should you hire a company without any vision for your app, you are risking your investment.

An App Fails For A Few Obvious Reasons

In addition to several technical and non-technical issues, there are a few very common mistake that can cause an app failure.

  • Poor User Experience
  • Improper Testing
  • No Activity After Launch
  • No R&D & Logically Incorrect
  • Errors with Audience Segements
  • Budget Overrun & No Marketing

Any Low Performing App Not Only Costs You, But Also Affects Your Brand

We keep you with us at every phase.

You know what needs to be done and we know how to make it happen.

When you are looking for a good mobile application development agency, you will find that the options are plentiful.

Sadly, most of the app development companies are concerned about milestones, and not sprints.

However, at Bains Labs our solution architects create pipelines before starting anything.

  • We make you participate in each phase of the project so that the result is a fully tailored App.
  • We offer you in-depth consulting on your project, idea, or strategy.
  • We bring your knowledge and experience to your idea to make the app you really need come true.
  • We carry out the development of apps so that the user has the best possible experience within them.

As part of the client's team and working together, we collaborate from the first phases of the project and carry out the initial advice and concept design, then the full implementation and subsequent ongoing support.

How We Do

We determine a basis for evaluating your Return on Investment (ROI) before and after the implementation of your solution to help you better assess the ROI of the solution deployed.


We Hear

It is key to listen to your project, analyze and reason logically each stage and have the possibility of raising doubts and constructive reflections.


We Translate and Simplify

When the complexity is clearly distinguished from what the project really requires, we prepare and present deliverables that clearly explain how we will make the idea come true.


We Develop

Let's do it. According to the project flow diagram, our team will advance in both the Back-end and the Front-end presenting the project progress states on the committed dates.


We Implement

After various tests and beta versions, it is time to launch the project and perceive all the benefits that come from this development, deliverables that clearly explain how we will make the idea come true.

What We Do

We focus on behavioral patterns and customer goals. We not only create iOS, android, & hybrid apps, but refurbish, as well.

We keep you with us at every phase.

We can carry out projects with very tight deadlines, applying SCRUM, KANBAN, and agile project management methodologies.


UI/UX Design of App

To deliver an astounding experience, as UX strategists, we focus on behavioral patterns and customer goals. To craft designs that guarantee usability, accessibility, and excite users to take action, we follow a step by step process

Architecture & Development

We plan the best architecture for the product we develop, after studying application flows. Where appropriate, we process various iterations to obtain the most efficient and easy to use product.

App Store Optimization

To make it a success, it is very important to bring out your app in an app crowded store. And, to do this, you need a strategic plan to improve its presence and organic positioning in the main App stores.

Support & Maintenance

After the launch our goal is to continue support the project growing together. We guarantee free support during the initial release cycle, then our clients can choose form a variety of our support and maintenance plans.

Case Studies

Each success story takes hard work. Here are a few of them.