Case Study

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A Complete Refurbishment to Improve User Experience

Through Autolife, the idea was to achieve a portal for people, who are looking to get the most out of their auto lifestyle. To keep it close to the heart of visitors, making it look and work flawlessly, was two of the major tasks. We were hired to come up with a viable business case to improve the user experience and optimize portal visitors expectations.

Our Goal

The primary objective behind was to launch a web portal that can be considered as one-stop-solution for people passionate about auto lifestyle. The idea was to integrate every piece of information associated with auto life, be it car traveling tips, insurance plans, buying a car, servicing a car, creating a group.

Design and Strategy

Unlike other automotive websites, where people buy and sell cars, Autolife was a step ahead. It was more of an automotive lifestyle-based website. It was about allowing drivers to find the content and services related to cars, jobs, travel tips, music, groups, insurance, and other money-saving ideas under one unified solution.

The client was looking for a team of best Python developers to infuse his idea of presenting all this information in tile format and integrate websites like's job portal and YouTube video gallery, as well.

Our DevOps experts conducted several sessions of technical discussions to make sure that website stays closer to its visitors.

To give the drivers unique content based on their browsing habits, the portal was designed using tiles. The content itself was categorized and given the weightage to perform the data analysis.


The Result

Finally, we were able to deliver a highly customizable solution using Python as the backend language. The Portal was released to the market and continues to do what it was envisioned to do i.e. providing personalized content to the drivers in the most engaging manner. was meant for those who were looking for one unified solution that can provide them with the content and services related to their auto lifestyle viz cars, jobs, travel tips, music, groups, insurance, and lucrative ways of maintaining their automotive lifestyle. The idea was to use Python and present all the desired information in tile format. Besides, we were asked to integrate several websites like's job portal, YouTube video gallery, etc. To deliver in apple-pie order, we adopted Python and DevOps methodology.