Facebook Pixels and its Possibilities

To expect appropriate campaign analysis reports and returns on the investment made from a Facebook Advertising Campaign without the Facebook pixel tool's integration is nothing but a myth.

What is Facebook Pixel?

Let us start with the basic definition of Facebook Pixels. Facebook pixel is a JavaScript code that we embed on a website to track the activity of visitors. Facebook Pixel Code record everything that a website visitor does on a website.

Thanks to data provided by Facebook Pixel, after having this code on your website, you can -

  • Create personalized audiences for your site and products.
  • Tailor your ads to show those who are more likely to reach the goal.
  • Define the characteristics of users who visited your website.
  • Create specific campaigns to convert visitors into customers.

Let us talk about the benefits of using Facebook Pixel.

Provides a better understanding of the target audience

One of the keys to success on social networks is to know the target audience. Don't start investing money without taking the time to define the avatar of your target audience. With the Facebook Pixel Code, one can have the optimum information about the type of users visiting their website.

Measure conversions

The Facebook Pixel allows you to monitor how people interact with your website. Using this code, you can measure events like:

  • Visits to the website
  • Items added to the shopping cart
  • Items added to the wishlist
  • Initiation of registration
  • Initiation of payment
  • Registration completed
  • Payment made
  • Site searches
  • Content displayed
  • Number of contacts made


Through Facebook retargeting, you can surely increase your business sales. Think that many of the people who see your products do not buy at first. As a common phenomenon, most of us not buy expensive products at first instance. We spend time thinking about whether or not to buy it. At this stage, if your advertisement disappears after one appearance, you are bound to lose a few of your aspirant clients.

Through retargeting ads, you will be able to attract new clients, as well as those who checked your product earlier. Hence, to increase your sales using a Facebook Advertising Campaign, mastering this technique is no excuse.

Create Similar Audiences

With the information collected by Facebook Pixel, you can create similar audiences with similar interests or demographics with people who have already interacted with your site.

Create More Effective Ads

Using the Facebook Pixel can help you create more effective ads. Doing this will improve both the effectiveness of ads and the quality of your target audience.

Improving Communication With Users

Facebook Pixel allows you to communicate with your audience depending on how familiar they are with your brand and site. It is not the same to talk with someone you have just met and someone you know for months.

Using Facebook Pixels can serve site visitors much more relevant topics, depending on the information or content they have consumed from your site.

Now that you know about the benefits of Facebook Pixel, you may be looking for installing it on your website? There are several online tutorials available; however, if you do not want to jeopardize your marketing investment, you can hire a specialist for this.

At Bains Labs, we have a team of certified digital marketers, and they can help you with Facebook Pixel code installation.
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